Yardımcı Ekipmanlar, Özel Makineler ve Tasarımlar

To make using your Barwell easier in production we can also offer a couple of essential ancillary products for your Barwell.

  • Hydraulic Ram cleaners
  • Die extractors

Our automated ram head cleaners save time and effort in the cleaning of your ram barrel ensuring contamination is eliminated and our automated die extractors reduce the physical effort and time that it takes to change your die.


A Barwell is supplied with manual tools for these tasks, but these premium models can give real benefits to your production team.

In addition to our leading ECO and ECO Plus preformers, Gear Pumps, VibraCool Spiral Cooling Conveyors, Freeze Trim Cryogenic Deflashing Systems and RapidDry Industrial Drying Ovens, we offer specialty machines designed to meet the needs of the rubber industry. These include:

  • Water Cooling Conveyors (see video)
  • Many other rubber processing solutions and speciality equipment

At Barwell, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to market demands so that we remain the world leader in rubber process technology and offer custom design services if you have a particular requirement both in terms of machinery and die design.