SpinTrim: Kauçuk Sıkma Makinesi

The Barwell SpinTrim is a simple and cost-effective method of deflashing small rubber parts. It can be used as a single process operation or as a cost reducing first stage before cryogenic deflashing for excessive flash.

  • An affordable system of mechanically deflashing rubber parts that provides quick pay back & improved finish quality
  • A very compact and quick solution for the deflashing of rubber parts
  • A simple method of operation and exceptionally easy to maintain
  • A system that eliminates safety risk and time taken with manual trimming


The SpinTrim is ideal for the high quality deflashing of small to medium size rubber parts that do not have excessive flashing or for more excessively flashed product when the application does not require a pristine finish.

It separates the sprue and the unwanted flash surrounding the product in a short period of time (usually about a minute). It offers considerable cost, time and quality and safety advantages over hand-cutting, grinding, chemical or tumbling methods of deflashing.

However, it is also a cost-effective first stage process for the deflashing of more complex parts or those that have excessive flash prior to using a Barwell Freeze Trim cryogenic deflashing machine. The benefit of having a two-stage process is that it reduces the time taken during cryogenic deflashing including the amount of nitrogen used – reducing operational costs. It also means that a higher quality part is produced as the cryogenic and media blasting process can concentrate on polishing and fine trimming the parts.