RapidDry: Endüstriyel Kurutma Fırınları

Barwell RapidDry is an intuitive energy-saving industrial drying oven, specifically designed for the rapid and effective drying or curing of product in the sanitary, ceramic, rubber and agricultural industries.

  • An operator-friendly system that significantly reduces product drying time compared to traditional drying methods
  • A technologically advanced solution which ensures uniform drying to consistently produce high quality product
  • An energy-saving method that reduces operating costs and an organisation’s carbon footprint
  • A cost-cutting solution which reduces handling time as well as storage and production space
  • A robust, safe & reliable system of drying

The Barwell RapidDry effectively dries in hours what has traditionally taken days due to the very latest safe microwave technology.


The advanced drying capability of the RapidDry intelligently heats product internally and on the surface rather than just the surface as with traditional drying methods. The risk of surface burning is eliminated and a superior quality finished product is produced also resulting in reduced rejects as uniform and consistent drying is always achieved.

The drying processing time of traditional methods is very slow due to low thermal conductivity which causes substantial energy wastage. The RapidDry avoids these problems by focusing its energy where drying is actually needed and will adjust its energy usage dependent on the size, moisture content and cycle stage of the load resulting in much lower k/Wh and BTU use. An energy usage monitor calculates energy savings.