High efficiency chillers

PLUS ENERGY units, with refrigerant gas R410A, are intended to fully satisfy any cooling application requirement.

Frigosystem has developed the RPE units with the aim of providing high efficiency at partial loads.

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The result is an average ESEER showing a 35% seasonal energy reduction, compared to chillers using R407c refrigerant gas.

RPE series has been designed to reduce installation work to a minimum, offering a range of plug & play units. This is also possible thanks to the availability of a complete selection of versions/configurations/accessories.

Basic version:

  • Air cooled condenser with scroll compressors, axial fans and micro-channel coils
  • Water cooled condenser with scroll compressors and plate heat exchanger

Other available versions:

  • Hot ambient tropical
  • Integrated free cooling
  • Ductable centrifugal fans
  • Heat pump

Available configurations:

  • Hydronic groups are available in the following configurations, depending on the model:
  • FT = without tank and without pump
  • FT1P = 1 pump, without tank
  • FT2P = 2 pumps (1 in stand-by), without tank
  • 1P = 1 pump, with tank
  • 2P = 2 pumps (1 in stand-by), with tank
  • Noise reduction system (RN= silenced, EN= extra-silenced)
  • Partial or total heat recovery system (D=partial / R=total)

Main accessories:

• unit remote control display
• RS485 serial port for the following protocols: MODBUS / ECHELON / BACNET / BACNET OVER-IP

and with FREE COOLING additional energy saving!

The highest efficiency is obtained by equipping RPE units with INTEGRATED FREE COOLING. This feature utilizes the ambient air, when it is colder than the returning process fluid, to allow operation of the chiller without the compressors with energy savings up to 90%.

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