Oil coolers

RACA OIL are chillers regulating the cutting fluid emulsions used in boring machines, grinding press machines, wire drawing machines, where oil shall be kept at a certain temperature for a proper working.

Available in small and medium size, air cooled with no water consumption.

Ürün Broşürü


All unis are equipped with self-priming gear pumps with nominal viscosity 1,5°E at +50°C.

Cooling power from 2 to 52 kW (0.5 to 15 TON)

Fluid temperature range: +20 to +35°C (68 to 95°F)

  • Indoor installation in a well ventilated rooms
  • Air condensation with no water consumption
  • Large surface heat exchanger with copper tubes and aluminium fins
  • Low noise axial fan
  • Dry expansion gas-oil evaporator complete with thermostatic valve
  • Hermetic compressor, refrigerant gas R407c
  • Oil pre-heating resistance
  • Digital microprocessor control for set and actual temperatures and safety alarms
  • User-friendly LCD display with graphic and textual signals of all functions
  • Swivel wheels for easy positioning

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