Portable water chillers

The RACA-C series are compact and portable water chillers. They are equipped with scroll compressors and with a maintenance-free submerged evaporator. Suitable for the cooling of fluids such as water or mixtures of water / antifreeze fluids.

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Thanks to the wide range of available versions and versatility of operation in hydraulic pressure or atmospheric pressure, the RACA-C is an interesting machine for diversified simple application; it is suitable for continuous operation.
The tank and the evaporator are adequately engineered and ensure stable and accurate water temperatures even with sudden load variations.

  • Removable side panels for ease of access
  • Stainless steel water reservoir
  • Process circuit with thermal insulation
  • Sight glass with low level switch
  • Threaded couplings for prompt connection to the user’s plant
  • Swivel wheels for easy positioning
  • Large surface air condenser
  • Patented evaporator immersed in the reservoir
  • Refrigerant circuit with top brand hermetic scroll compressor
  • Centrifugal pump complete with by-pass circuit and system pressure manometer
  • Control panel complete with associated control equipment with digital microprocessor
  • Control for set and actual temperatures and safety alarms
  • User-friendly LCD display with graphic and textual symbols of all functions
  • Serial interface RS485

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