Low temperature chillers

Low water temperature chillers suitable for cooling anti-freezing fluid solutions up to -30°C.

Monobloc units equipped with all special temperature devices.

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The most common applications for the RACA/C-BT series are in the plastic processing industry, for instance in the metallization process (plastic film and aluminium coupling) for a quick cooling of the metallization coil.

These chillers are used in the production of detergents and soap too: the low temperature of the fluid improves the brand impression, the resolution and the polishing.

Other applications: chemical, pharmaceutics, contact lens.

RACA/C-BT are either air or water cooled.

Low temperature range of the fluid between +5 and -30°C (41 to -22°F)

All BT chillers are tested in Frigosystem for 10 hours and submitted to the real load conditions during the quality and working test.

  • Removable panels for quick maintenance access
  • IP44 control box
  • Water tank level indicator
  • Threaded couplings for prompt connection to the user’s plant
  • Swivel wheels for easy positioning
  • Large surface air condenser in copper tubes and aluminium fins, complete with fans
  • Dry expansion evaporator
  • Top brand hermetic refrigerant compressor
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Centrifugal pump complete with by-pass
  • Antifreezing safety probe
  • Digital microprocessor control for set and actual temperatures and safety alarms
  • Differential pressure switches controlling the minimum and maximum pressure of the unit

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