PressurBuilder: Lastik Kaplama Sistemleri

The Barwell PressurBuilder is a unique and fully automated tyre re-treading system with integral in-line screw extruder. It is designed specifically to provide a high quality and cost effective method of recycling truck tyres.

The hot rubber is extruded, under pressure, in one accurate profile directly onto the buffed casing as the casing rotates through one complete revolution.

The method brings the buffed casing directly into the head of the extruder and forms on half of the die profile.


  • A cost effective all-in-one direct to casing process
  • Highly accurate heat and pressure building provides exceptional bond producing ‘good as new’ reshaped tyres
  • No need for cushion gum or adhesive
  • Ensure perfect tread application every time regardless of buffed profile
  • Ensures all damage such as skives and buzz-outs are fully repaired
  • Environmentally friendly system of recycling used tyres
  • Up to 20 tyres an hour of any profile and tread depth
  • Cold strip rubber feed
  • 90mm cold feed screw extruder (Pin system optional)
  • Heating and cooling control
  • Self-diagnostic tools for monitoring of extruder drive
  • Optional metal detector unit
  • Complete automatic processing
  • Precise profile and gauge control with an easy-to-operate control station