Freeze Trim: Kriojenik Deflashing Systems

The Barwell Freeze Trim is a compact time-saving and quality enhancing cryogenic deflashing machine specifically designed to meet the most exacting demands of the rubber, plastics and metal industries.

  • A multi-material deflashing solution providing complete processing flexibility from one machine
  • A quality enhancing method of deflashing
  • A system which increases productivity due to exceptionally fast running speed
  • An automated cost-cutting method which dramatically decreases operational and labour costs
  • An environmentally-friendly, reliable and simple-to-operate machine

All models are able to process a wide range of materials and products, including rubber parts, O rings, electronic components, medical items and can be used for metal deburring.


Moulded parts are placed into a perforated stainless steel parts basket and then inserted into the blast chamber of the Freeze Trim and the basket is mechanically rotated to expose all parts to the blast media. Liquid nitrogen lowers the temperature while freezing the rubber to make it brittle. The physical properties of the parts are not affected during the deflashing process. A unique high speed impeller directs and throws the polycarbonate media into the rotating basket and by travelling at high speed, the small pellets cleanly trim off the brittle flash leaving a high quality, flash less moulding.