Dosing Units

Volumetric dosing units suitable for master or additive dosing for injection, blow molding or extrusion applications. Models ranging from 0.05 kg/h dosing throughput, to over 300 kg/h in standard configuration. Solutions for powders, flakes and difficult materials. Multicomponent solutions both volumetric and gravimetric.


LDM series: dosing units with full-features control. Complete control.
LDE series: dosing units with simplified control.
LDM-HT series: dosing units with water cooler dedicated for PET solutions.
LDM0 series: compact design for small injection molding machines.
LDM3 series: dosing units for very large throughputs.
LDL series: dosing units for liquids and oils.
LFGB series: gravimetric batch blenders multi-components.
LDP series: dosing units for powder, volumetric and gravimetric loss-in weight versions.
LDG special series: dosing units for flakes or difficult flow materials or for very large throughputs of granules. Volumetric and gravimetric loss-in weight versions.
LAICA series: it is a dedicated tailor-made series of gravimetric dosing units for powders for the preparation of batches for the rubber production.
MIX series: on-line dynamic mixers.
SW series: production control systems, with a weight loss system, to monitor and record production batches. Productions from 200 to 5000 kg/h.