BVP Değer Aralığı: Değer Ram Ön Hazırlık

The Barwell BVP series is a basic low-cost range of ram preformers for the rubber industry. It is ideal for processors requiring the essential elements of the renowned Barwell quality and technology but on a tight budget.

BVP machines provide accurate and efficient processing of rubber and synthetic polymer compounds across multiple industries and is a cost effective solution for processors looking to improve their production speed and quality and also enjoy a quick return on investment.

  • An accurate and consistent method of blank, strip and pellet production
  • A multiple compound and industry processing system
  • An operator-friendly and easy-to-maintain method of production
  • A safe and reliable processing system
  • An cost-cutting system of production that reduces material wastage, factory space and labour costs


  • Available in two options ONLY – 20L/40L
  • Weigh scale feedback loop system for greater blank weight control and automatic adjustment
  • Variable AC inverter controlled cutter
  • Manual volume control valve
  • Two speed options 200/400 cuts per minute
  • 210 bar / 3000 psi maximum operating pressure on both models
  • Accuracy of up to +/- 1% by volume
  • Front loading option only
  • 5.2” TFT colour touch screen
  • Multi-language
  • Password protection